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(light blue cells) – FIRE2 VNET (1 included with neoVI ION and neoVI PLASMA)

* – PWM OUT is using LOW side drivers. Low side PWM drivers support 100mA sink. PWMIO speed is limited at to 2KHz output. This can be increased if we change out the fet used in this circuit.
1 – Not intended as a vehicle network tool due to latencies and USB isolation
2 – One channel is set to DW CAN; other selectable from DW/SW/LSFT CAN
3 – Receive only; transmit is available as an extra charge
4 – Uses K-Line Transceiver (simultaneous K-Line and LIN for one network not supported)
5 – 24V LIN & 24V power system support
6 – 1 VNET included, up to 3 supported for neoVI-Plasma, 2 for neoVI-ION, 8 CAN-FD channels included on a single VNET CAN-FD backward compatible with CAN.
7 – Requires an optional analog input card
8 – Analog Input pins are shared with 4 Digital Input pins
9 – Requires a local service provider contract or SIM card not included in the price
10 – For customer locations further than 50 miles from an ICS office; travel expenses are charged “at cost”
11 – There are 2 CAN-FD channels out of the 8 total that have a software selection of CAN-FD or LSFT or SW CAN