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High Value, Low Cost Remote Data Logging System


  • Standalone data logging
  • Remote data logging with auto-upload via Wi-Fi,  3G/4G cellular (optional), or Ethernet
  • Standalone ECU or vehicle simulation
  • In-vehicle data acquisition
  • Captive test fleet data collection
  • Fleet management



  • 4 Dual Wire CAN
  • 2 LIN / K-Line / ISO 9141
  • 10/100 Ethernet
  • 4 Configurable MISC Inputs 0-36V, PWM I/O, Digital I/O, including 1 Analog Input


VehicleScape DAQ

Vehicle Spy‘s VehicleScape DAQ feature provides a single GUI for loading vehicle databases, including A2L, ODX, MDX, GDX, DBC, and AUTOSAR XML. Once vehicle databases are loaded, simply search using signal names, PIDs/DIDs/LIDs, measurements and parameters, and select those you wish to acquire. Click on the Standalone Logging tab in Vehicle Spy to configure settings such as pre/post trigger events, sleep modes, file names for your data files, remote upload options and much more.

ValueCAN.rf in hand

Send Scripts and Manage Data Remotely via Wireless neoVI

You can remotely send a data logger configuration or script from Vehicle Spy to your ValueCAN.rf through Wireless neoVI, a website that provides fleet and fleet data management services. You can get the latest GPS location of your vehicles, perform automatic data downloads, and automatically export data in whatever format you require.

Remote Connectivity and Optional GPS Location

The ValueCAN.rf provides several ways of connecting remotely:

  • Internal 3G/4G cellular data modem (optional)
  • Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Ethernet (for connection to external 3G/4G cellular modem or wired network)

All of these options permit data download and remote fleet management. In addition, the ValueCAN.rf has an optional 5 Hz GPS accurate to within 3 meters. GPS functionality is provided both as a fleet management tool and within the data logging session for correlating locations to your test data.