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Autonomous Tools



The RAD-Gigastar is the most versatile Automotive Ethernet network tap available. The RAD-Gigastar works as an active tap, media converter, vehicle interface, and Ethernet data logger.



The RAD-Phobos series converts, repeats, splits and aggregates SerDes links. RAD-Phobos helps equalize the GMSL2 or FPD-Link III interface to extend the usable range from sensor to controller. The device also allows you to monitor the lock and link status for the input and output video ports.


Removable storage solution helps extend a customer’s PCI-express bus external to the PC or server to allow 128+Terabytes of data storage.


Autonomous ONE

Replacing a trunk full of cobbled-together equipment with a single interface device.  Autonomous ONE™ motherboard, an all-in-one data logger that integrates multiple inputs into a single open platform.

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