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Ethernet EVB

Low Cost Experimentation with Ethernet Technology

Intrepid’s Ethernet Evaluation Board (EVB) is a low cost learning tool for Automotive Ethernet.

Ethernet EVB

This USB-powered board includes two complete Automotive Ethernet nodes, an Ethernet monitoring device, and a powerful Vehicle Spy Ethernet analyzer.


  • Two complete BroadR-Reach® (100BASE-T1) nodes demonstrate complete Automotive Ethernet functionality
  • Full Ethernet monitoring allows analysis of all low-level traffic
  • USB-powered for easy setup
  • Audio I/O support to experiment with sending audio over Ethernet
  • Each node contains a real time Ethernet scripting engine for time critical experiments
  • Includes all cables so you can get started right away

Example Ethernet Experiments

The scripting engine in each Ethernet node allows you to build experiments to learn about the following topics:

  • Ethernet frame structures
  • Signals in Ethernet frames
  • Ethernet and TCP/IP layers
  • TCP/IP protocol basics
  • Decoding a TCP Stream
  • Basics of the Precision Time Protocol (PTP)
  • Decoding a IEEE 1722 data stream
  • AVB protocol suite
  • ISO 14229 Diagnostics over IP
  • XCP over Ethernet
  • Gatewaying Ethernet over CAN
  • Stress-testing Ethernet