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Training Classes

We are constantly developing new training programs to help you stay current as technology and processes change. Below you will find overviews of each of our current classes and seminars.

Have a specific course request? Please contact us with your suggestion.


Our current course calendar is posted on the training schedule page, where you can also find links to register for specific courses. If you have a large group and none of the times shown are convenient, please feel free to contact us with inquiries about additional dates.

Classes & Seminars

Class Overviews

Vehicle Spy 3 Basics – In this course students will become acquainted with Vehicle Spy 3’s user interface and basic functions. The class consists of brief lectures and many hands-on tutorials. Students also have plenty of time to ask questions specific to their own applications. The session wraps up with a challenging tutorial that incorporates all of the skills covered in the course.  See class outline here. Cost: Free to ICS customers.

Vehicle Spy 3 Advanced – This course will teach students advanced Vehicle Spy features and applications. Like the Basics course, it consists of brief lectures and hands-on tutorials, and students have time to ask application-specific questions. See class outline here. Cost: Free to ICS customers.

Data Logging Training – The cost of test vehicles has forced OEMs and suppliers to decrease their testing fleets; engineers are forced to share more, and do more with less vehicle time. Logging data from test vehicles has become crucial in validation and testing. To support these needs, Intrepid now offers Data Logger Training for both wireless and standalone data capture. See class outline here. Cost: Free to ICS customers.

Automotive Ethernet Training –   Automotive Ethernet is a very new field, and most OEMs are just beginning to research and prototype with it in an R&D environment. This class is designed to give you experience with this new technology, showing you how it can be applied to automotive systems. It is ideal for engineers, technical specialists, engineering managers, and others who provide guidance to future design and tool considerations. See class outline here. Cost: Free to ICS customers.

CAN FD Training – CAN FD is a new enhancement to Controller Area Networking that enables larger data payloads and faster data rates than standard CAN. Intrepid’s CAN FD Training will provide you with all the details about CAN FD and a comparison of the new technology to the traditional CAN networks with which you may already be familiar. See class outline here. Cost: Free to ICS customers.

CAN Training – The CAN course introduces the student to Controller Area Network technology. CAN is a powerful network that is a key element in advanced automotive electronics. This class will give you the basic awareness you need to understand CAN and keep pace with recent developments. The course has been highly successful – we have trained hundreds of engineers in this technology. See class outline here. Cost: Free to ICS customers.

LIN Training – LIN (Local Interconnect Network) is a vehicle bus standard used within current automotive network architectures. Students will learn all about LIN in this class. See class outline here. Cost: Free to ICS customers.