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Passthrough Applications


Intrepid neoVI and ValueCAN tools all support the J2534 and RP1210 standards, and our hardware can be used as “passthroughs”. In other words, any software made to use a J2534 or RP1210 passthrough device can use our neoVI or ValueCAN devices as well. Tools which use these standards or our OEM-specific software include:

  • GM DPS, TIS2Web, Serial Data Suite
  • Ford DET, PTDiag
  • Chrysler CDA
  • Jaguar Land Rover ASL
  • FIAT DIAnalyzer
  • John Deere Service Tool Advisor, JDJet



Related Tools:

neoVI FIRE 2 Vehicle Network Interface

neoVI FIRE 2

The neoVI FIRE 2 is our latest vehicle network adapter, providing up to 8 CAN / CAN FD channels, 4 LIN channels and Ethernet/DoIP support.



The neoVI ION is an advanced, expandable vehicle network adapter, ruggedized for automotive use, with mobile connectivity.


Thousands sold! The neoVI FIRE provides 6 CAN and 4 LIN channels; the neoVI RED has 2 CAN and 2 LIN. Both use a fully-isolated USB interface.

Value CAN Network Interface

ValueCAN 4

Intrepid’s next generation family of low-cost, high-performance interfaces for CAN and CAN FD networks, offering 1 to 4 CAN / CAN FD channels, improved performance, new features, and a multitude of options, including LIN and Ethernet.

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