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Diagnostics, Testing and Validation

Integrated Diagnostics Jobs for Quick Testing and Validation


Testing typically involves making diagnostic service requests, then interpreting responses to get the information you need. Vehicle Spy has you covered here, with easy-to-use diagnostic functions and compatibility with virtually all diagnostics databases. You can create diagnostic IDs and jobs easily by loading the diagnostics databases relevant to your application. Vehicle Spy includes support for:

  • ODX/PDX and most other proprietary file formats.
  • UDS (ISO 14229), GMLAN (GM W3110), KWP2000 and J1979 (OBD) diagnostics jobs.
  • DoIP (ISO 13400).

No diagnostic databases? No problem. Create your own diagnostic jobs with a few mouse clicks: no more building messages byte by byte!

Vehicle Spy works with all neoVI, ValueCAN and data logger products.

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