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Data Logging

Collect Data in Real Time


Connect to vehicle networks or analog sensors and collect data in real time. Synchronize vehicle data with audio and HD video recordings. Trigger data collection based on user-defined events, such as DTCs, vehicle performance, driver behavior, and more. Save data to internal logger storage, or wirelessly transmit it to a server automatically at scheduled times based on data analysis results or user commands.

Data logging with Vehicle Spy’s real-time signal views, combined with post-analysis of data files, provides you with a complete data acquisition and analysis solution. Be sure to also check out our standalone embedded data logging hardware.

Learn more:

  • Explore Intrepid’s collection of data loggers including wireless and standalone models.
  • Learn about Vehicle Spy, Intrepid’s software for data logger configuration, data extraction, export and analysis.
  • Learn about Wireless neoVI, our server software for the management and control of entire captive test fleets.
  • Learn about DataSpy, our Post-Analysis Software for Massive Data Files.
Data Logging
Related Tools:
neoVI FIRE 2 Vehicle Network Interface

neoVI FIRE 2

The neoVI FIRE 2 is our latest vehicle network adapter, providing up to 8 CAN / CAN FD channels, 4 LIN channels and Ethernet/DoIP support.



The neoVI ION is an advanced, expandable vehicle network adapter, ruggedized for automotive use, with mobile connectivity.


Wireless neoVI

Wireless neoVI (WIVI) is server software that manages programming, remote download and fleet management for your remote data loggers.


DataSpy is Intrepid’s solution to vehicle network information overload. Client/server architecture allows complex analysis to be performed on large, remotely-stored data sets.

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