neoVI RED 2

Low cost Vehicle Interface & Data Logger

8x CAN FD, 2x LIN, Ethernet: DoIP/XCP

Vehicle Spy X

Cross Platform Vehicle Network Software for Automation

Test Automation, AUTOSAR Restbus Simulation, Virtual ECU Testing, Protocol Conformance Testing, Test Report Generation, Python integration


Autonomous SerDes Analyzer, Tap, Gateway, Vehicle Interface & Data Logger
Autonomous Vehicle Gateway Module


1000Base-T1 Active Tap, Gateway, Media Converter, Vehicle Interface & Data Logger

SFP Ports, Automotive Ethernet, CAN FD, FlexRay, LIN, DoIP and more


Multi Active-Tap & Gateway for Automotive Ethernet

12x BroadR-Reach® PHYs Supporting up to 6 Active Taps, 8 CAN FD networks, 1 LIN channel, Ethernet with DoIP/XCP and AVB Support

neoVI FIRE 2

Next Generation Vehicle Interface & Data Logger

8x CAN FD, 2x SW CAN, 4x LIN, Ethernet: DoIP/XCP

Vehicle Spy: One Tool, Many Tasks.

…now with full Ethernet support and video review!

Diagnostic, Node/ECU Simulation, Data Acquisition, Automated Testing, and more.

Intrepid is a global provider of innovative tools for engineers in the vehicle networking, testing and embedded engineering fields. Widely recognized for our neoVI, ValueCAN and Vehicle Spy tools, we’ve also developed a new line of solutions for Automotive Ethernet devices for 1000BASE-T1 and 100BASE-T1/BroadR-Reach. Intrepid supports the latest networks and protocols, including AUTOSAR, CAN FD, CAN, LIN, FlexRay, Automotive Ethernet, Keyword, UART, J1939, ISO 14229 and GMLAN. Intrepid has offices in the USA, China, Japan, UK, Germany, India, Korea, and Australia for direct sales and support, as well as a network of distributors. We can support you no matter where you are.


Universal Vehicle Network Tools

Vehicle Spy Enterprise is an easy-to-use tool that enables you to perform diagnostics, node/ECU Simulation, data acquisition, automated testing, memory edit or calibration, and vehicle network bus monitoring. With the exception of customer-specific features, all functionality available in Vehicle Spy is offered at a single low price with support for nearly every automotive network: CAN, CAN FD, Automotive Ethernet, LIN, FlexRay, K-Line and many others.

Embedded Data Loggers

Embedded Data Loggers

Diagnosing an intermittent electronic problem with a vehicle? Need to collect memory data from a powertrain controller? Want to know how customers use your vehicle over a period of time? Whatever the application, Intrepid’s family of standalone data loggers provide you with the ability to collect almost any type of data from nearly any vehicle network or protocol.  With a single data logger, it is possible to simultaneously collect messages from Automotive Ethernet, ISO CAN FD, CAN, LIN, and FlexRay. Our loggers support nearly every protocol, including XCP, CCP, ISO14229 (UDS), GMLAN and more.

Wireless Fleet Data Logging,

Wireless Fleet Data Logging

Reliably capture data, including audio and video, with Intrepid’s family of data loggers. Activate, deactivate, and reprogram loggers remotely. Wirelessly communicate with your logger to request or review captured data, or store it in the logger’s onboard memory. Take advantage of integrated fleet management features to locate your test vehicles. Capture network data, synchronized with audio and video data, for a more complete understanding of the physical environment and variables that may be affecting your vehicle or test.


Analog DAQ Devices

The RAD-IO2 series is a family of ruggedized products that provide an isolated analog, digital or temperature interface to a PC via the PC’s USB port. These tools can also be paired with Intrepid products. In addition, the RAD-IO2-CANHUB can power and convert the native UART signal to CAN or CAN FD for use in any CAN device.

Experiment with Automotive Ethernet

The high speed and bandwidth provided by Automotive Ethernet is enabling the automotive industry to develop increasingly advanced vehicle features such as high-quality audio and video, adaptive cruise control, active lane departure, automatic parking systems, and even fully autonomous vehicles. In response, Intrepid has produced a full line of Automotive Ethernet tools that you can use to easily interface to, simulate and experiment with Ethernet networks. Intrepid’s popular Vehicle Spy software has full Ethernet support.

Request a Copy of Our Automotive Ethernet Poster - We'll Send You One Free!

We’ve also published “Automotive Ethernet – The Definitive Guide”, a go-to reference book for Automotive Ethernet, as well as a free, convenient reference poster that covers the basics of this exciting new technology


Intrepid Control Systems UK Support in Electric Vehicle Triple World Record Achievement

Intrepid Control Systems UK recently supported a successful triple world record attempt involving a Ford Mustang Mach-E driving from John O’Groats to Land’s End. The records awarded to the drivers; Fergal McGrath, Kevin Booker, Paul Clifton and Adam Wood include ...

Get to Know neoVI RED 2 and neoECU 22

Watch our webinar to learn about neoVI RED 2 and neoECU 22 products. The neoVI RED 2 combines the best of vehicle network interfaces with the Linux embedded operating system. The result is a solution unparalleled in capability with support for multiple network...

Introducing Vehicle Spy X: Cross Platform Vehicle Network Software for Automation

The current landscape of automotive network engineering requires more than a PC based, closed tool chain. Automation of testing and validation, groups spread out over the world, and the advent of Python demands much more. Vehicle Spy X solves these central problems...

You’re Invited! – Virtual Launch & Outdoor Event

Please join us for a live webinar of the Vehicle Spy X Launch - See the evolution of Vehicle Spy, a true cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, web) solution with a fully scriptable Python interface. Wednesday, June 9th, 2021 at 1:00 PM EST Register for webinar at...

Build Automotive Gateways with Ease

Vehicle network architectures within modern vehicles have been transformed by the introduction of automotive gateways. These gateways enable seamless communication between different vehicle networks and are central to the success...

Celebrate Pi Day With Raspberry Pi And Intrepid Tools

At Intrepid we love Pi, especially the Raspberry Pi.  As you may know, our products work with any operating system using our open source APIs including Raspberry Pi OS.  Here are some resources to help you get started using Intrepid products with your Raspberry Pi 4...

The easy way to program ValueCAN 4 in python using Raspberry Pi (Linux)

To help Linux developers speed up development, Intrepid Control Systems announced an open source API called libicsneo earlier this year. It can be used with python_ics to integrate Intrepid vehicle networking hardware to any Python application running Linux, Mac or...

How to use SocketCAN on a Raspberry Pi 4 (Linux) using ValueCAN 4

Intrepid Control Systems introduced an Open Source API called Libicsneo. This can be used with python_ics to integrate Intrepid vehicle networking hardware to any Python application running Linux, Mac or Windows. Please refer to The easy way to program ValueCAN 4 in...

What’s new in Vehicle Spy 3.9.2

New Features We have updated Vehicle Spy to meet the needs of the latest vehicle network technologies and add even more features than before!   CAN Fuzzing: Many cybersecurity trainees get their first exposure to Vehicle Spy by creating some function block...

Wireless Data Logging – without the headache!

Wireless Data Logging - without the headache! Here’s an all too familiar scenario: You’ve decided it is time to automate your vehicle testing using wireless data loggers but you don’t have a logger and can’t afford one at the moment. Also, you’ve heard rumors about...

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